Trivial Pursuits! We Got This!

Posted on August 16th, by Albert in Abundance, Love, Optimism. No Comments

Have you noticed how trivial the Facebook posts from outside Louisiana seem right now? The local posts are so much more meaningful. People offering help of all kinds to each other, sharing their homes, launching rescue missions, adventuring to find and get things like baby formula to stranded grandchildren. Don’t you think the Cajun Navy guys are enjoying the excitement of being useful and heroic while getting to drive their boats all over? Yes of course the loss is tragic, and it’s going to be a big pain in the a– to clean it all up, our lives and our children’s lives are disrupted from their normal routine, everyone, even if your house is dry is feeling the ripple effect as it all unwinds, and yes, people will spend more money than they want to on all of this, However, what a great opportunity to witness an outpouring of love, care, and effort for each other. The chance to participate in the amazing indomitable spirit of community may be worth it all. It’s giving us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience what is truly important. We don’t need media attention. We don’t need sympathy. The unsolicited help is pouring in so fast that just yesterday 18-wheelers full of donations were being turned away from overstuffed shelter after shelter. Eager volunteers were also being turned away, again from oversupply. This is a good thing. It’s proving we have more than adequate abundance, of love, of attention, of supplies, and an unbounded spirit of caring for each other in this community. It doesn’t matter who else knows. We can handle what’s on our plate. We Know! We Got This!

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