The Ultimate Balance Sheet

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Which side do you tend to fall on, the left hand side or the right?

Seeking Comfort —or— Pushing out of your comfort zone
Avoiding Fear —or— Willing to confront the Fear
Avoiding Failure —or— Learning from Failure
Care What Other’s Think —or— Know That They Aren’t Thinking About You At All
Easily Offended 
—or— Nothing is Personal
Give in at the first sign of Resistance —or— Push through Resistance
Procrastination —or— Action
Think of Yourself First —or— Think of Other’s First
See yourself as a Victim —or— Accept total Self-Responsibility
Relive Past Events —or— Being Present
Anxious about the Future —or— No Worries with Focus on the Present Moment 

Fixed Mindset —or— Growth Mindset
Pursuing Shadow Career —or— Engaging in Your Calling
Wrestle with Negative Thoughts —or— Letting Go of Unhelpful Thoughts

Do you seek what’s on the left or the right?

Security —or— Freedom
Safety —or— Adventure
Noise —or— Quiet
Getting —or— Giving
—or— Fulfillment
—or— Significance

Do you live from the perspective of the left side or right side?

Stability & Sameness —or— Growth Opportunities
Wish Things Were Different —or— Acceptance of How Things Are
Projecting a Self-Image —or— Revealing Authentic Self
Ego —or— Spirit

All of the things above are of course ends of a spectrum and surely we fall on both the left and right at times. I’ve personally found, however, that the more I can approach the right side in daily living, the more I enjoy and appreciate life and the happier I am. In summary, it’s freeing yourself from yourself, your fears, limits, ego, etc. and applying your authentic self toward expressing and sharing your innate goodness with the world through personal continuous growth while accepting total responsibility for your life. It’s taken a long time to learn this but share it in hopes that it will speed you along, and spare you some grief.

Sincerely as always,

Albert Pellissier
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