Worry It Into Existence

Posted on February 28th, by Albert in Feelings, Happiness, Visualizing, Worry. No Comments

“I’m sure you’ve been exposed to the idea that to create something in your life you must visualize it first. Worry is the negative application of this same principal. A worrier is vividly picturing in the mind the undesirable condition they are worrying about. To make things worse, feeling is being added to it making it even more powerful. Heed this warning to avoid accidentally using universal laws to get what you don’t want. Don’t worry, Be Happy!” Albert

Go Ahead, Have Anything You See!

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The seed of all purposeful advancement is Imagination. It’s exponentially more powerful than your will. Every success book or program asks you to get a “Vision” first. However many times not only do we not have a vision, we don’t even know what it is that we want, so how can you go forward? Most people at least know of something in their lives that they want to make better or have more of. Try this technique, it’s called “Imagine it In”. Take an issue that you want to work on and say, “I remember when (fill in the blank), before it was (the way you imagine it could be). Paint the imagined picture as detailed as you can. You will Feel the difference in your mind after saying it. I don’t normally send attachments because this is quick-wisdom after … Read More »

Visualize your expectations

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Even before events happen, the brain has already made a prediction about what is most likely to happen, and sets in motion the perception, behaviors, emotions, physiologic responses and interpersonal ways of relating that best fit with what is predicted. In a sense, we learn from the past what to predict for the future and then live the future we expect. – Psychiatrist Regina Pally or as Michael Jordan says, “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”