Top 1%

How much Money would you have to make to be in the Top 1% on Earth?

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How much money would you have to make annually to be in the Top 1% of Income earners in the World? This would put you in an elite category earning more money than the other 99% of the people on the planet.

Don’t cheat by Googling it. Guess first then find the answer here.

$34,000 is the answer!

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Isn’t that shocking? If you earn only $34,000 per year you are making more money than 99% of all of the people on earth. The takeaway is that our lives today are much more abundant than we normally appreciate. If you truly realized how well off you are, you could easily experience an abundance mindset all of the time. Serendipitously this abundance mindset would result in more tangible abundance in your life as your confidence boosted your willingness to take action and risks. Too often we are comparing ourselves to an idealized version of other people and thinking everyone else is doing better than we are. This distorted view of reality is deflating and results in us not bringing our best each day, delivering our value, and reaping our just rewards. So now you know…You are one of the richest people … Read More »