David K. Reynolds

Dreamer or Doer? Action Visions

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“For all my dreams, I am what I do.” – David K. Reynolds

Travel Fantasy

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“The first step in changing reality is to recognize it as it is now. There is no need to wish it were otherwise. It simply is. Pleasant or not, it is. Then comes the behavior that acts on the present reality. Behavior can change what is. We may have visions of what will be. We cannot (and need not) prevent these dreams. But the visions won’t change the future. Action—in the present— changes the future. A trip of ten thousand miles starts out with one step, not with a fantasy about travel.” – David K. Reynolds from Constructive Living

Give Yourself Away

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“The most peaceful people I know have given themselves away… On the other hand, the most miserable people I have known have been self-focused. They worry about getting their share; they evaluate everyone’s acts in terms of how they themselves are affected.” by David K. Reynolds from Constructive Living

Don’t Feel So Good?

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“The mature human being goes about doing what needs to be done regardless of whether that person feels great or terrible. Knowing that you are the kind of person with that kind of self- control brings all the satisfaction and confidence you will ever need. Even on days when the satisfaction and confidence just aren’t there, you can get the job done anyway.”  – from Constructive Living by David K. Reynolds