Attention Sleepwalkers

Posted on August 19th, by Albert in Change, Choice, Courage, Crisis, Decision, Ideal Self, Success, Your Path. No Comments

I attended a workshop yesterday and listened to a handful of speakers. I noticed a thread in every story in which each person reached some point in their life where they had achieved all of the status symbols and outward appearances of success. In each case it was at this point in their lives when they acknowledged how miserable they were which led to a total reexamination of themselves and the path they were on. Motivated by finally having enough, each person changed course, sometimes dramatically, and pursued a new personally chosen, more fulfilling path, driven by internal values instead of society’s values. If you are still sleepwalking on a path to impress others, or the one you bought into unwittingly under the influence of culture, this is where you are heading. If you are one of the lucky ones … Read More »

Row, Row, Row, the Boat

Posted on August 11th, by Albert in Choice, Compassion, Courage, Enlightenment, Meditation, Your Path. No Comments

“The expectations and distractions of our Culture may have seduced you onto a slave ship that you boarded at some point in your life, and now you’re rowing along with everyone else not realizing that there are no iron shackles, only mental ones, and at any time you are free to stand up and walk out without punishment, and take your own one-person kayak, that’s been right there waiting for you all along, and take it in any direction you choose.” – Albert Pellissier from a Meditation on Compassion.