alan cohen

Not my Job to Rescue

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“it is not my job to rescue the world; my role is to be at peace. It is not my function to fix anyone; my purpose is to find the highest good in everyone I see. It is not my responsibility to make everyone happy; trying to make everyone happy is insane, impractical, and impossible. If someone does not wish to be happy, it will do you no good to try to wrest their misery from them. They will not part with it readily, and you will become frustrated. Country wisdom advises, ‘Never wrestle with a pig, you will both get dirty, and the pig likes it.’ Simply love those who do not recognize their own worth. Your vision of their inner beauty will invite them to discover it themselves.” – Alan Cohen from “I had it all the time”

Life out of Harmony

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“A life out of harmony with your destiny will only hurt you if you keep living it.” – Alan Cohen

Destiny’s Child

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“Deep in my heart I know my destiny is what I make it. I cannot be ruled by planets, bacteria, or economics. And neither can any of us be injured by anything outside of our own mind – unless we agree it is so.” – Alan Cohen

Flatlined already? (Wholehearted, Presence)

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“If you are not living with a whole heart now, the end of the world poses no threat; your life is already gone. Life is only as valuable as our presence to enjoy it. To miss the beauty of the moment because you are preparing to protect yourself from the next one, is to trade a precious gem for a cheap trinket.” Alan Cohen – until my book is ready to publish, read this guy.

Move with your Impulses

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“Imagination is the power of creation, yet we have often used it against ourselves. Worry is simply vision used destructively; we manufacture what we do not want instead of what we do. We are all geniuses; the only difference between famous creators and struggling artists is that the creators believe in their visions and have the faith to move with their impulses.” – Alan Cohen from “I had it all the time”