The Spindletop Find

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In 1901, a few wise people suspected they could find oil underneath Spindletop Hill near Beaumont, Texas. Most went broke trying to reach it. Anthony Lucas persisted long enough and drilled deep enough to finally uncork what became known as the Lucas Gusher in Spindletop Field. It produced 100,000 barrels a day for the next 30 years. The find sparked the Texas and Gulf Coast Oil Boom. By 1902 the area had over 500 companies drilling for oil.

Just imagine your piece of property sitting atop one of the largest finds yet to be discovered. You’re tragically oblivious to the untapped reserves of wealth, power, freedom, and opportunity quietly resting deep underneath. Why would you ever look? Who would even think to explore it unless tipped off by someone in-the-know? What a shame to have these resources available to you and never know they’re there?

This is what keeps me motivated, alerting you to your deep well of undiscovered value. The truth is that you do have a huge reservoir of untapped inner wealth. It has power and potential to change your life beyond comprehension. Are you willing to look? Explore? Persist long enough? Drill down deep enough to find it?

You won’t find it as oil, but in a more useful form as innate wisdom, joy, creativity, peace, happiness, intuitiveness, clarity, good judgement, bliss, purpose, the ability to handle more challenges without frustration, an enhanced ability to make complicated decisions and choices, and so much more. How do you find it? By using a silence drill.

You can drill the mind’s soil with a dedicated commitment of 10 to 20 minutes of silence each day. It’s harder than it sounds, that’s why so few people do it. It’s hard to be quiet and sit with yourself for that long. It’s a strange place, your own mind. A place we rarely visit. It’s hard to stand even for a minute. It’s so foreign it can be scary. We are usually stricken with a sudden urge to distract ourselves, somehow, some way, and quickly. Have you ever had that gift of a spare minute and immediately start to fill it by scrambling for your phone, squeezing in an article to read or checking your email under the guise of productivity? More likely it’s fear of a minute of boredom, or even worse a minute alone with your mind.

If you can be quiet long enough, something good is going to start bubbling up. Yes, Silence is “Black Gold”. You’re sitting atop a huge pool of goodness, untapped. I know it’s there. All of human geology points to this find. Your friendly neighbor in-the-know just tipped you off, “thar’s oil under those hills.” Don’t let it go undiscovered. This would surely be a great tragedy because so much spiritual wealth can be extracted from deep within. The boom starts and your value rises at the moment of discovery. Get your well head started with a daily meditation practice and keep drilling until you hit something. It’s not going to happen overnight, so don’t give up too soon thinking you hit a dry hole. There are no dry holes. This is a wildcatters dream, every well’s a gusher. You can’t miss, you won’t lose if you keep drilling. It’s going to take 6 to 8 weeks to get through the bedrock of your ego, but stay with it, hang in there.

The tragedy I can’t stand by and watch is the one where you, on the front porch of your cute house, with the manicured 1/4 acre lawn, life’s been okay, settling for good enough, while you unknowingly sit atop a mind-blowing reservoir of mental resources lying dormant. All there just waiting to be discovered, a mother-load of spiritual reserves and true wealth. Your own personal Spindletop Field.

For the Love of God, Start drillin’ baby and don’t stop until it’s gushing like rain over every soul around you.


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