Albert Pellissier (pronounced Pell ah shay), The Entrepreneur Elevator, delivers programs (Keynotes, Breakouts,  Seminars and Workshops) that help Entrepreneurs Elevate their perspective to find true happiness and success.  Drawing from more than 3 decades of entrepreneurial experience, Albert shares stories that inspire and methods that work. He will keep your audience intrigued and engaged while equipping them to live lives of greater fulfillment and achievement.

Merging the Wealth of the West with the Peace of the East for Optimum Life Balance and Success

Albert’s topics include:Success Speaker | Albert Pellissier

  • Meet Your Silent Partner: Tap Powerful Guidance & Unlimited Resources for No Charge
  • Fill Your Present Place: Surefire Way to Always Know the Next Step on Your Path to Success
  • The Profit of Happiness: Increase Profits by Being Happy First
  • No-Stress Success: 3 Secrets for a Super Productive Happy Life

All of the above topics can be presented as a keynote, breakout session or  as an in-depth workshop/seminar.

Meet Your Silent Partner: Tap Powerful Guidance & Unlimited Resources at No Cost

How much easier would it be to succeed if you had a silent partner with unlimited resources, untapped wells of wisdom, along with a selfless and eager willingness to help guide you, but only spoke up when asked?  Everyone has a silent partner that fits this ideal description but few take the time to seek any advice. This lively keynote will introduce the audience to their own silent partner and reveal this mostly unused powerful resource.

Fill Your Present Place: Surefire Way to Always Know the Next Step on Your Path to Success 

There are so many choices, how do you decide what to do with your life? Which is the best choice that will lead to the most success? This keynote helps the audience become aware of common energy wasting strategies for success that have no chance of ending in fulfillment. From squandering our time and treasure in half-hearted commitments to striving for rewards and accolades that others have defined as what success should look like for us, Albert will help the audience free up precious life energy to pursue more fulfilling ambitions and desires.

The Profit of Happiness: Increase Profits by Being Happy First

Our default strategy is to “chase” money and success hoping that it will lead to happiness someday, “when we get there.” This keynote reveals the brand new discoveries being made in Positive Psychology that prove we have it backwards. When we decide to be “Happy First”, our brain operates more creatively and opens our minds to more possibilities, options, solutions, and ideas. Better answers come from this “Happy Mindset” and lead to better business and life decisions, results, and consequently profit you more in many ways, including financially. The audience will be highly motivated to quit pushing off Happiness to some future elusive date and to evolve from the limited strategies of fear-based competitive thinking in order to enhance creativity and reap the greater rewards available immediately.

No-Stress Success: 3 Secrets for a Super Productive and Happy Life

It’s not necessary to be stressed in order to be productive and successful. In fact the opposite it true, stress is a completely wasteful emotion and squanders your precious life energy that could be used more productively. This keynote provides the audience with simple practical secrets to eliminate the unnecessary stress we bring upon ourselves. Since our stress level has more to do with what we pay attention to and how we perceive it rather than our external circumstances, it’s something we can gain control over and master. The audience will learn to take their power back and experience a liberated state of mind and find a well of reclaimed energy that can be redirected toward a more productive, happy, and stress-free life.


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