Shooting for perfection is the #1 Dream Killer.

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I’m not ready, It’s not good enough yet, I need to learn more first.  Waiting for everything to be just right before taking action is the surest way to accomplish nothing in your life. Yes Perfection is one of the most insidious forms of Resistance. This is what we’ll cover on the next Live Quick-Wisdom Podcast, Tuesdays at 12 noon CDT (1pm EDT – 11am MDT – 10am PDT).  15 minutes of Quick Wisdom and 15 minutes of Q&A on any Entrepreneurial Question, Money, Wealth, Passive Income, Real Estate, Enjoying Life, etc. with your host Albert Pellissier – Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor, Salon Owner, and Professional Thinker & Speaker. Register for the Live Call Here:

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