Resistance is the Enemy of your Motivation, Success, and Taking Action

Posted on April 2nd, by Albert in Action, Motivation, Procrastination, Success. No Comments

Do you ever wonder why you never follow through with all of those great ideas you get at night but then when morning comes, they all go out the window? Resistance is the Enemy. Resistance is anything that you shy away from doing, when deep down you know doing it will lead you in the Right direction. No matter if it comes from procrastination, fear, or any sort of self-doubt, It can all be labeled resistance. Try this exercise, I call it Resistance Therapy: The moment you get the first inkling that you don’t want to do something, even something as simple as taking out the garbage, or dealing with some nuisance of an issue that you’d rather postpone, Do it that very moment. Do this for every single thing you resist for one whole week and see what happens. I’d love to get some feedback if anyone goes through with it. Albert

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