Focused on everything You want to Change?

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“It must be our human condition to take for granted all of the good things in our life and focus on the few things we wish were better. This creates a distorted view of the true picture of our lives and can lead to anxiety and unnecessary stress as we become completely wrapped and focused on all that we want to change. It can make us feel unworthy, create self-doubt, and blind us to the unlimited well of goodness within us.

I believe by virtue of experience that this predisposition can be overcome by simple changes in perspective. This is why I’ve been dedicated to sharing little tidbits of wisdom over the last several years, because I know that one serendipitous idea can give you a fresh new look and change your perspective completely in that moment. I’m driven by my love for humanity to eliminate unnecessary mental suffering by sharing these insights and techniques to help people enjoy the miraculous beauty of their lives that we sometimes get too bogged down to see.”  – Albert Pellissier

Here are my two latests tips to share:

1) I’ve been reading “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. I’m fascinated by his idea that if you tell people “Why” you do what you do, that it will resonate with some of them on a deep level. This level is beyond the part of our brain that uses words and therefore hard for people to express what’s going on inside. Now of course your message may not resonate with other people, and these people as it turns out are not your people. I’ve been encouraging the people I mentor to experiment with talking about their “why” in all of their marketing and messaging and see what happens.

2) I’d highly recommend listening to one of the mediation recordings I made for you. The experience will bring you to a deep peaceful part of your own being. This alone will change your perspective as you’ll know that there is a deep sense of well-being inside of you at all times, regardless of the chaos that may be going on around you. You’ll be able to recall this sensation whenever things start to stress you out or become overwhelming, and give you the ability to stay calm and make better decisions.

Here is another link to the folder

I hope you’ll continue to Profit from your own increasing Happiness,


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