The Wish Gap

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Take a moment to think of the one thing that’s causing you the most stress in your life. Got it? Come on, pause and think for a moment, what is it? Ok, so now take another moment and decide what do you ”Wish” was happening instead of this stressful situation or circumstance? Aren’t you wishing something were different? Aren’t you wishing something would just go away so you don’t have to deal with it?

The difference between what is actually happening in your life (current reality) and how you Wish it was is the “Wish Gap”. Another name for the Wish Gap is Stress. Yes that’s right, every trace of stress in your life is a result of Wishing things were different than they are. That’s it.

The harder we struggle against “what is”, the more stress we experience. Of course we … Read More »

What Do I Want?

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The most powerful question you can ask yourself is, “What do I want?” At any time and in any situation – regardless of the circumstances – you can always ask and answer that question. “What do I want?” Is really asking “What result do I want to create?” This is a much better question than asking, “How do I get what I want?” Which limits you to the results of what you already know how to do or can conceive of doing, thereby stifling your creativity.  –  from “The path of least resistance” by Robert Fritz

Where Do You Want to Go?

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“Whenever you are confused, you can become clear by asking and answering this question: What do I want? Not to try to solve a problem or determine a process, but to develop an instinct for knowing what you want, and accurately describing the truth to yourself. Confusion usually comes from focusing on process, or solution instead of asking and knowing where you want to go first.” – “The path of least resistance” – by Robert Fritz

Writer, Producer, Director Wanted

“There’s an immediate position available for a writer, producer, and director. The only qualification is your own current experience and the pay is whatever you think you deserve. Interested? The job is yours for the asking and the project has already been green lighted. It’s the movie of “Your Life”. Can’t write you say? That’s not true. You see, with every thought you think and tell yourself you are already writing the script. It takes a while in production before you can see the evidence, but please know there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make this film happen. Every day you are directing the lead actor, which is yourself, trying to inspire and extract the performance you want and dreamed of. It’s not always easy working with actors is it? They can be so uncooperative and … Read More »

Go Ahead, Have Anything You See!

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The seed of all purposeful advancement is Imagination. It’s exponentially more powerful than your will. Every success book or program asks you to get a “Vision” first. However many times not only do we not have a vision, we don’t even know what it is that we want, so how can you go forward? Most people at least know of something in their lives that they want to make better or have more of. Try this technique, it’s called “Imagine it In”. Take an issue that you want to work on and say, “I remember when (fill in the blank), before it was (the way you imagine it could be). Paint the imagined picture as detailed as you can. You will Feel the difference in your mind after saying it. I don’t normally send attachments because this is quick-wisdom after … Read More »