Unlock Your Value

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We are all plagued by self-doubt as to our ultimate value and wonder if what we have is good enough to offer the world. This causes us to hold back and operate cautiously. We are scared to “let it all hang out” because we might be kidding ourselves, simply delusional about what we are capable of. Our boldness and confidence might lead to complete embarrassment and humiliation if we take the risk to bare our soul.  So instead, we play it safe. Take a baby step. How did that go? Not too bad. Take another. Confidence is building. Maybe we’re not just kidding ourselves. Don’t get crazy now – take it easy man. Let’s build on what we have.

Look, the bottom line is, life is short, and we really don’t have the time to crawl along this slowly. By the time we realize what it’s all about, we’ll be in assisted living. Even … Read More »

You can help someone.

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“All of the billions of people on this planet, they each need help with almost every detail of their existence. You can certainly be of value somehow.” – Judd Weiss