Grandpa’s Quick Fix for What Ails You

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My Grandpa Pat was a stubborn old man. He looked like Sgt. Carter from the Gomer Pyle TV show, complete with a crew cut and gruff demeanor. He never worked but somehow garnered a generous government pension due to military service and POW status during WWII. He filled his days whistling to classical tunes on his vintage multi-band radio, watching Westerns on TV, and smoking cigarettes from morning ’til night. He’s most noted in family lore for “taking a fall” unexpectedly during the day. Walking from one room to another, maybe coming to dinner, or on his way to the bathroom, you’d suddenly hear a crash. “Grandpa Fell!” the kids would all responsively shout. You rarely if ever witnessed the actual fall, he miraculously never got hurt, but he made sure that everyone knew it happened. He put on quite a show. “Evelyn, bring me my cigarettes” is the next thing you’d hear. My … Read More »

May I Make a Suggestion?

“From infancy on, the majority of us have been given many negative suggestions. Not knowing how to thwart them, we unconsciously accepted them. Here are some of the negative suggestions: “You can’t.” “You’ll never amount to anything.” “You mustn’t.” “You’ll fail.” “You haven’t got a chance.” “You’re all wrong.” “It’s no use.” “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” “The world is going to the dogs.” “What’s the use, nobody cares.” “It’s no use trying so hard.” “You’re too old now.” “Things are getting worse and worse.” “Life is an endless grind.” “Love is for the birds.” “You just can’t win.” “Pretty soon you’ll be bankrupt.” “Watch out, you’ll get the virus.” “You can’t trust a soul,” etc. Unless, as an adult, you use constructive autosuggestion, which is a reconditioning therapy, the impressions made on you in the … Read More »