Life is a Vacation

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Have you ever taken kids on a vacation only to be bombarded with their whining and complaining about everything that’s not meeting up to their expectations? As you shake your head and stare down at them while you wonder where did you go wrong raising these ungrateful spoiled brats. “What’s wrong with you kids? We are on a nice (and expensive) vacation here, and all you can do is bitch about what’s not perfect. Put those damn phones away and at least look out the window and see some scenery.”

Would you ever go on vacation and spend the time mindlessly watching TV, playing Candy Crush on the computer, or sleeping through it? Hopefully not. I’ll admit to being lazy at home but when it’s vacation time I’m up early and want to maximize the experience.

One of my favorite quotes that enlightens my perspective … Read More »

A Spiritual Revolution in Business?

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The “Profit of Happiness” Update


Maybe it’s just the way my antennae is tuned lately, but I think I may be witnessing a Spiritual Revolution in Business. Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” and Jim Collins’ “Good to Great”, while neither one being newly published, both talk about great enduring American companies and how and why they got that way. Reading between the lines you can see an underlying force that these great companies all had “a higher purpose.” Higher than simply making profit for profit’s sake. The comparison companies that didn’t measure up to the standard of “great” certainly had profitability in many cases, yet they couldn’t surpass the “good” mark and reach “greatness” by shear pursuit of profit alone. In every case it took something more, something hard to define and pin down. Simon Sinek referred to it as “knowing their why”. What … Read More »

We are Spiritual Beings

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

If you’re happy, We’re all better off!

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“It is not selfish to be happy. It is your highest purpose. Your joy is the greatest contribution you can make to life on the planet. A heart at peace with its owner blesses everyone it touches. The energy you broadcast is more important than the activities you undertake. Remember it is the spirit in which we act that nourishes or starves us. To make yourself happy will only enhance the quality of life on earth. The gift we came to share is spirit.” – Alan Cohen

Are you superior or inferior?

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Never think of spirituality as growth. The treasure has always been there, you have just buried it under with knowledge. This is why children are blissful, they are perfect just as they are from the beginning and they know not otherwise. From the moment we are born society starts to poison us with comparison. Somebody is more beautiful than you, somebody else is healthier than you, look, look at his grades, they are better than yours. Comparison brings with it the idea of inferiority and superiority, both are illnesses. Now the person will remain miserable in comparison, and the bliss of being will become more and more impossible. The first condition of happiness is to drop all comparison to others. You are simply yourself, there exists no one like you with whom you can be compared. Realize this and suddenly … Read More »