A Spiritual Revolution in Business?

Posted on January 11th, by Albert in Profit, Results, Spirituality. No Comments

The “Profit of Happiness” Update


Maybe it’s just the way my antennae is tuned lately, but I think I may be witnessing a Spiritual Revolution in Business. Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” and Jim Collins’ “Good to Great”, while neither one being newly published, both talk about great enduring American companies and how and why they got that way. Reading between the lines you can see an underlying force that these great companies all had “a higher purpose.” Higher than simply making profit for profit’s sake. The comparison companies that didn’t measure up to the standard of “great” certainly had profitability in many cases, yet they couldn’t surpass the “good” mark and reach “greatness” by shear pursuit of profit alone. In every case it took something more, something hard to define and pin down. Simon Sinek referred to it as “knowing their why”. What … Read More »