Big TV or Big Library?

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“Poor people have big TVs, Rich people have big libraries” – T. Harv Eker

Inwardly Rich

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“The real problem is how to be inwardly rich. And when you are outwardly rich you will be surprised—for the first time you become more acutely, more keenly, aware of your inner poverty.” – Osho

Feeling Better

If you’d like to know how it is that you can be very outwardly successful as far as society is concerned, yet still feel miserable on the inside, here’s some insight. The nature of your mind (the ego part) is that it always functions as a “wanting” mechanism. It will always want some feeling that is better than the one you are feeling at this moment. This will be true even if you become a jet-set millionaire, your mind will still convince you that being a jet-set billionaire will be even better. Along the way, you continue to convince yourself that when you achieve this or that, then you will feel satisfied. However the nature of your “wanting mind” will never allow this to be so, never. After 20 years or so of achieving, every person eventually comes to a … Read More »

A Life of Ease

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Riches and ease, it is perfectly clear, are not necessary for man’s highest culture, else had not the world been so largely indebted in all times to those who have sprung from the humbler ranks. An easy and luxurious existence does not train men to effort or encounter with difficulty; nor does it awaken that consciousness of power which is so necessary for energetic and effective action in life. Indeed, so far from poverty being a misfortune, it may, by vigorous self-help, be converted even into a blessing; rousing a man to that struggle with the world in which, though some may purchase ease by degradation, the right-minded and true-hearted find strength, confidence, and triumph.

From “Self-help” by Samuel Smiles published in 1859