Reports from the Front lines. Overcoming Resistance, Winning, Perseverance

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Reports from the Front:
This is a small sampling from the resistance fighters (that read this blog) overcoming their resistance.

“Headed to my first silent meditation retreat this weekend! I love to talk so I was resistant… But I’m anticipating great things and I know learning to get quiet and listen to my still, small voice will further reduce resistance to things that are truly meant for me!”- Katherine A.

“This simple working meditation has allowed me to slow down and gain vast insight. I’ve had so many aha moments, this week!” – Anna M.

“Resistance 4- baby awoke, and could have woken the rest of the house at 6:45am. I should wake up the wife to take care of him, resistance said, let her do it, you don’t have to. I had just started to put away the dishes – it would … Read More »