Life is a Vacation

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Have you ever taken kids on a vacation only to be bombarded with their whining and complaining about everything that’s not meeting up to their expectations? As you shake your head and stare down at them while you wonder where did you go wrong raising these ungrateful spoiled brats. “What’s wrong with you kids? We are on a nice (and expensive) vacation here, and all you can do is bitch about what’s not perfect. Put those damn phones away and at least look out the window and see some scenery.”

Would you ever go on vacation and spend the time mindlessly watching TV, playing Candy Crush on the computer, or sleeping through it? Hopefully not. I’ll admit to being lazy at home but when it’s vacation time I’m up early and want to maximize the experience.

One of my favorite quotes that enlightens my perspective … Read More »

Focused on everything You want to Change?

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“It must be our human condition to take for granted all of the good things in our life and focus on the few things we wish were better. This creates a distorted view of the true picture of our lives and can lead to anxiety and unnecessary stress as we become completely wrapped and focused on all that we want to change. It can make us feel unworthy, create self-doubt, and blind us to the unlimited well of goodness within us.

I believe by virtue of experience that this predisposition can be overcome by simple changes in perspective. This is why I’ve been dedicated to sharing little tidbits of wisdom over the last several years, because I know that one serendipitous idea can give you a fresh new look and change your perspective completely in that moment. I’m driven by my love for humanity to … Read More »

It Was a Wonderful Life

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“What a wonderful life I had! I only wish I realized it sooner.” – Colette, 20th Century French Novelist

Come out of the Cave! (Limitation, Infinite)

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“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to men as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks in his cavern.” – William Blake from “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”