The Spindletop Find

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In 1901, a few wise people suspected they could find oil underneath Spindletop Hill near Beaumont, Texas. Most went broke trying to reach it. Anthony Lucas persisted long enough and drilled deep enough to finally uncork what became known as the Lucas Gusher in Spindletop Field. It produced 100,000 barrels a day for the next 30 years. The find sparked the Texas and Gulf Coast Oil Boom. By 1902 the area had over 500 companies drilling for oil.

Just imagine your piece of property sitting atop one of the largest finds yet to be discovered. You’re tragically oblivious to the untapped reserves of wealth, power, freedom, and opportunity quietly resting deep underneath. Why would you ever look? Who would even think to explore it unless tipped off by someone in-the-know? What a shame to have these resources available to you and never know they’re there?

This is what keeps me motivated, alerting you to your deep … Read More »

It’s a Grey Matter

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You know I’m a big fan of mediation to enhance your life experience. My friend Rolf sent this to me today, it’s a good short read:

Why You Are Like You Are

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“The world doesn’t yield to us directly, our description of the world stands in between. So, properly speaking, we are always one step removed and our experience of the world is always a recollection of the experience. If and whenever you can stop your internal dialogue, the world collapses and extraordinary facets of ourselves surface, as though they had been kept heavily guarded by our words. You are like you are, because you tell yourself that you are that way.” – Carlos Castaneda from “Tales of Power”

How can you stop the internal dialog? I personally know of no other better way than daily meditation. It’s a simple practice but one that takes discipline in the beginning before it becomes habit (like all good habits). If you can hang in there long enough you’ll notice that the internal chatter of your … Read More »

Forget What You’ve Been Told

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“Meditation comes when you are happy. But to be happy is difficult and to learn meditation is easy . To be happy means a drastic change in your way of life— an abrupt change, because there is no time to lose. A sudden change, a discontinuity, a discontinuity with the past. A sudden clash of thunder and you die to the old and you start afresh from ABC. You again start your life as you would have done if there had been no pattern enforced by your parents, by your society, by the state; as you would have done, must have done, if there had been nobody to distract you. But you were distracted. You have to drop all those patterns that have been forced on you, and you have to find your own inner flame.” – Osho

Hyper Connected (Attention, Clear Mind)

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In this manic Digital Age…It’s vital…To clear your mind…Constantly…– Matt Drudge

It’s ironic but profound that this quote comes from a person making a living as an internet news aggregator.

I agree with him totally, we must escape the constant assault on our attention in order to connect to our souls as much as possible. There’s no more of an effective antidote than starting a meditation practice if you have the wherewith-all.