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Life is Expanding. Look at nature and you’ll see that living things continue to grow and expand. Anything not expanding is dying. In that same way we must be expanding the expression of ourselves in the world to really live. Through your creativity, service, influence, personal growth, and learning you expand your essence, and when you offer that back out as an expression of yourself, you are embodying the universal life force. – Albert

Shield Your Eyes, It’s Getting Bright In Here

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“If someone told you that your natural state is one of radiant happiness and joy, and I’m telling you now, and you don’t feel it at the moment, then what’s going on? It’s not that it’s not there, it’s just being blocked by something. But What? It’s our carefully crafted self image and it’s being meticulously managed by our own ego. The ego is a cocky little thing, a mere drop of water that thinks it’s the ocean. Don’t be mad at it for holding you back, thank it for all it’s years of service protecting you. But now inform it politely but firmly that it’s time to step aside and take a back seat, that you’re in charge and you’ve decided to become your larger authentic self. When it steps out of the way, and you release yourself from … Read More »

Feel Good?

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“The key to experiencing things you desire is to align emotionally with them. When you are in alignment, you feel good, with emotions of contentment, expectation, eagerness, or joy. If you are giving your attention to the lack, or absence of your desire, your emotions will range from pessimism to worry to discouragement to anger to insecurity to depression. Your emotions provide a guidance system, and as you become consciously aware of them, they will be able to alert you if you are on track in allowing yourself to receive anything you desire.” – from “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks

Are You A Heart Working Person?

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“Even in the midst of the necessary hard work or restraint, you can access joy. When we do what must be done with a full heart, that full-heartedness leads to results we can love. The surest sign that you’re working with the life-affirming kind of discipline, rather than the spirit-depressing kind, is that you don’t complain very much about doing what it takes.” – Danielle Laporte

Happy? Then Say So!

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“Our species in general has grown accustomed to pain and adversity through Millennia of struggle… We are only recently evolving the ability to let ourselves feel good and have things go well for any significant period of time.”

“Because it feels vulnerable to feel good, we start to fear that it won’t last and it can also be threatening to the people around us who’d prefer miserable company.” But go ahead and unfetter your happiness, quit muffling it, and experience the power of your joy.   – adapted from “The Desire Map” by Danielle Laporte (first quote is attributed to Gay Hendricks – “The Big Leap”)