Move with your Impulses

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“Imagination is the power of creation, yet we have often used it against ourselves. Worry is simply vision used destructively; we manufacture what we do not want instead of what we do. We are all geniuses; the only difference between famous creators and struggling artists is that the creators believe in their visions and have the faith to move with their impulses.” – Alan Cohen from “I had it all the time”

Don’t Plan! – Use Attention & Imagination Instead

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Don’t Prepare! “Give up planning. Clear your mind instead of filling it. Don’t spend your energy in preparing for the future. Redirect it to the present moment. Instead of packing, show up empty-handed but alert, cheerful, and ready to receive unexpected gifts. Change the habit of getting ready for life in favor of getting on with it now. We often substitute planning, ruminating, or list-making for actually doing something about our dreams. Substitute attention for preparation. Then you will be working in real time. Focusing attention on the present puts you in touch with a kind of natural wisdom. When you enter the moment with heightened awareness, what you need to do becomes obvious. You discover that you already have the answers. Each of us is full of images, words, solutions, advice, stories. Trust your imagination. Trust your mind.” – … Read More »