Impeccability and Not enough time

Posted on January 5th, by Albert in Hurry, Impeccability. No Comments

“Impeccability is to do your best in whatever you’re engaged in. The key to matters of impeccability is the sense of having or not having time. When you feel and act like an immortal being that has all the time in the world you are not impeccable; at those times you should turn, look around, and then you will realize that you’re feeling of having time is an idiocy. There are no survivors on this earth!” – Carlos Castaneda from “Tales of Power” (the strangest book I’ve ever read)

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What’s the Rush?

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“Hurry is a manifestation of fear; he who fears not has plenty of time. If you act with perfect faith in your own perceptions of truth, you will never be too late or too early; and nothing will go wrong. So surely as you find yourself in the mental attitude of haste, just so surely may you know that you are out of the mental attitude of greatness. Hurry and fear will instantly cut your connection with the universal mind.” – Wallace D. Wattles from “The Science of Being Great”