Making the Grade

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Watching my teenage daughter anxiously stress, struggle, and strive for good grades in school made me realize how early in life we are indoctrinated into the “reward culture”. We are trained from an early age to seek the finish line, the reward, the trophy. We are promised that once we achieve, arrive, and attain what we’re after, everything will be great, and then and only then will we feel fantastic and fulfilled and be able to relax, basking in our accomplishments, deeply satisfied.

But how long do we celebrate before looking ahead to the next finish line? Not long. All of the hard work, homework, and hard won grades attained in High School turn out to be just a brief hurdle, simply an obligatory stepping stone to get into a good college. The college career is a stepping stone to the … Read More »

It’s Already Been Written

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“Everything that you need to know in order to be happy, successful, and get the most out of life has already been written. Have you read it yet?” – Albert

Work Hard, Succeed, Be Happy. It’s all Lies

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“Were you told to work hard and if you did you’d be successful and that once you were successful you’d be happy? So what happened? Why didn’t it work out? Turns out they lied. Research now shows you have to be happy first before you can be successful. So now the task is to focus on how to be happy now and you’ll be on your way to success.” – Albert

It Was a Wonderful Life

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“What a wonderful life I had! I only wish I realized it sooner.” – Colette, 20th Century French Novelist

Forget What You’ve Been Told

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“Meditation comes when you are happy. But to be happy is difficult and to learn meditation is easy . To be happy means a drastic change in your way of life— an abrupt change, because there is no time to lose. A sudden change, a discontinuity, a discontinuity with the past. A sudden clash of thunder and you die to the old and you start afresh from ABC. You again start your life as you would have done if there had been no pattern enforced by your parents, by your society, by the state; as you would have done, must have done, if there had been nobody to distract you. But you were distracted. You have to drop all those patterns that have been forced on you, and you have to find your own inner flame.” – Osho