Unlock Your Value

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We are all plagued by self-doubt as to our ultimate value and wonder if what we have is good enough to offer the world. This causes us to hold back and operate cautiously. We are scared to “let it all hang out” because we might be kidding ourselves, simply delusional about what we are capable of. Our boldness and confidence might lead to complete embarrassment and humiliation if we take the risk to bare our soul.  So instead, we play it safe. Take a baby step. How did that go? Not too bad. Take another. Confidence is building. Maybe we’re not just kidding ourselves. Don’t get crazy now – take it easy man. Let’s build on what we have.

Look, the bottom line is, life is short, and we really don’t have the time to crawl along this slowly. By the time we realize what it’s all about, we’ll be in assisted living. Even … Read More »

Give Yourself a Raise

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“Give yourself a raise! We only make what we think we deserve. When you invest in yourself through effort, taking classes, or loosening the grip on your money to let it flow and either hire someone to assist you, or purchase those tools that you need to do better work, you then simultaneously increase what you think you’re worth. This in turn will allow you to be open to receive, and that will bring your new raise in the form of a much-deserved dividend on your investment.”
– Albert Pellissier

Getting Ahead

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“We all want the feeling of getting ahead. But getting ahead of what exactly? Getting ahead means giving more of everything than you are asking in return; value, love, service, etc. Falling behind is asking for more than you’re giving. The feeling of getting ahead comes from being a net benefit to the universe and that’s what feels good.” – Albert

Who’s the Gift For? (Giving, Receiving)

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“It is impossible to give something without receiving it the moment you give it; whatever energy you broadcast to others must flow through you before it gets to them. Anger, judgment, and resentment take their toll on the giver before they reach the intended recipient; and if the other person refuses to except the poisoned ‘gift,’ the only one who suffers is the sender. By the same principle, love, compassion, and forgiveness will heal you before they are delivered to their recipient. And even if the receiver is unable to except these gifts, you will enjoy their blessings.” – Alan Cohen from “I Had It All The Time” 

Don’t Hold Your Breath

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Think about money the same way you think about breathing. You don’t worry about your next breath, you just breathe in and out, you let it flow, there’s always enough. You can’t hoard the air, try to hang on to it, or hold your breath and not let any out. Money is simply life energy, let it circulate, let it flow, you’ve always managed to have enough, just relax and take a deep breath. When you finally take your very last breath, you’ll no longer have a need for money either. – Albert