What rainbow are you chasing!

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For the better part of my life I chased money. I chased it hoping that being rich would make me happy. How could it not? If you’re rich you can buy anything you want and certainly that should make one happy. A few years ago I read a book, “It’s not about the money” by Brent Kessel and it caused me to confront the reality that what I really had been chasing was security not wealth. There was such a clarity in the moment that I could see all the way back through my life that this is what I had been after. I wanted to feel that “I had it made”. Furthermore I wanted to not only feel that I have it made but also that nothing would be able to ever take it away.

Mr. Kessel, a financial advisor by … Read More »

And the Battle Rages On

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“Your other self will not do the work for you, it will simply guide you in the direction of the most efficient and simplest path to accomplish your objective.” – Napoleon Hill

This other self is your higher self, the one that we, acting as our lower self, insist on wrestling with. Our higher self knows what we need to do and the best way to do it, but our ego resists masterfully using clever tactics like self-doubt to keep us from taking action. This makes everything more difficult. This is the root of our constant struggle. This is what keeps us from pursuing the simple path of success and fulfillment, even though we know the way. – Albert Pellissier

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Resistance is the Enemy

The idea of “Resistance” came from a book I read while on Christmas vacation a year ago, “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. As I was reading it, I knew my life was about to change. Some things resonate so truthfully that if you ignore them you must take full responsibility for your cowardice, accept your impending failure, and say to yourself, “You just ain’t got it kid”.  Once the enemy had a name – Resistance, I had to admit that for my entire life up to that point I had always given in to it.

So what is Resistance? It takes so many forms that almost everything is resistance. It’s anything that stops us from doing what we know we should be doing with our lives, things that elevate us, the pursuit of our calling and purpose. It’s the artist that doesn’t paint, the writer that doesn’t write, … Read More »

All my needs will always be met! (Affirmations, Fulfillment)

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“Repeat the affirmation, ‘all my needs will always be met,’ and feel how it is to feel after all of your needs have been met. Until you find this feeling, you should not expect the affirmation to work. Every time that you have a need and that need is met, a certain feeling is then produced in you. That same feeling you have to feel the very instant you speak the affirmation. You then open a channel that instant to your own intuition, through which all good comes. In this state of mind one has inspiration and will.” – Gurudeva

Are You A Heart Working Person?

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“Even in the midst of the necessary hard work or restraint, you can access joy. When we do what must be done with a full heart, that full-heartedness leads to results we can love. The surest sign that you’re working with the life-affirming kind of discipline, rather than the spirit-depressing kind, is that you don’t complain very much about doing what it takes.” – Danielle Laporte