Satisfaction of the Free

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People who work for themselves are happier because of the freedom that working for one’s self permits. So valuable is the opportunity to be one’s own boss that studies show you have to pay people twice as much to get them to work for others and still have the same level of job satisfaction as being self-employed. – Entrepreneur Magazine

Be Free

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“Your human spirit longs to be free, to live fully, enjoy, and express itself. We imagine that we are bound by circumstances, lack of money, and resources, but this is an illusion. The binds that hold us down are all mental; fears, doubt, and a tragic miscalculation of what brings pleasure and pain in the long run vs. the short run. The good news is that all of these limitations can be overcome by mastering your own mind, which doesn’t cost a thing save a bit of focused effort. Let’s make this effort together in 2015 and experience the freedom of really living instead of letting it drip away in the lap of comfort. Happy New Year!” Albert Pellissier

What Will the Tribe Think?

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“When we truly understand that the tribe doesn’t give a damn, we’re free. There is no tribe, and there never was. Our lives are entirely up to us.” – Steven Pressfield from “Turning Pro”

Climbing the Ladder of Success

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“Many people have gotten to the top of the ladder and find it’s against the wrong wall. It’s dreadful. And then to descend the whole ladder and start up another… Forget the ladder and just wander, bump around. When you wander, think of what you want to do that day, not what you told yourself you were going to want to do. And there are two things you must not worry about when you have no responsibilities: one is being hungry, and the other is what people will think of you. Wandering time is positive. Don’t think of new things, don’t think of achievement, don’t think of any-thing of the kind. Just think, ‘Where do I feel good? What is giving me joy?’” – Joseph Campbell from “Reflections on the Art of Living”