Do you feel like I do? (emotion, Maya Angelou)

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Worry It Into Existence

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“I’m sure you’ve been exposed to the idea that to create something in your life you must visualize it first. Worry is the negative application of this same principal. A worrier is vividly picturing in the mind the undesirable condition they are worrying about. To make things worse, feeling is being added to it making it even more powerful. Heed this warning to avoid accidentally using universal laws to get what you don’t want. Don’t worry, Be Happy!” Albert

I Love You Just the Way You Are!

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“When people come to me with a problem, I don’t care what it is—poor health, lack of money, unfulfilling relationships, or stifled creativity, there is only one thing I ever work on, and that is LOVING THE SELF.

I find that as we really love and accept and APPROVE OF OURSELVES EXACTLY AS WE ARE, then everything in life works. It’s as if little miracles are everywhere. Our health improves, we attract more money, our relationships become much more fulfilling, and we begin to express ourselves in creatively fulfilling ways. All this seems to happen without even trying.

I ask my clients to pick up a small mirror, look into their own eyes, and say their names and, ‘I love and accept you exactly as you are.’

This is so difficult for many people. Seldom do I get a calm reaction, let alone … Read More »

Start with the end in mind

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“You want it. Aspiring. Hoping. Reaching. So you make a plan to get it. The bucket list. To-do lists. Objectives. Goals. Except that, you’re not chasing the goal, you’re chasing a feeling you hope reaching the goal will give you. We have the procedure upside down and it’s burning us out. What if we get clear first on how we want to feel, then set our intentions?” – Danielle Laporte from “The Desire Map”

I can’t believe you said that to me!

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“Other people’s comments and opinions only hurt when they resonate with our own self-doubt. It’s not what they actually say that hurts, it’s the pain of knowing that you haven’t overcome this same opinion inside yourself yet.” – Albert Pellissier