Fall Up!

Posted on June 3rd, by Albert in Crisis, Enlightenment, Failure, Opportunity, Purpose, Your Path. No Comments

“According to the Cabbalah, our purpose is to move from lower levels of living to higher and higher planes. But we have to fall down first to acquire and generate the necessary energy to propel ourselves to the next level. Thus every single fall you experience is an opportunity that provides the energy needed to turbo boost up to the next spiritual level.” from Wayne Dyer’s book “Your Sacred Self”

It’s only an opinion

Posted on March 13th, by Albert in Desire, Failure, Fear, Opinions, Self-Criticism, Your Path. No Comments

We avoid trying new things and experiences many times out of a fear of failure. Very often it is really a fear of someone else’s disapproval or ridicule. Remind yourself to let people have their own opinions, which have nothing to do with you, and begin to evaluate your desires and behavior on your own terms. You’ll come to see your abilities not as better or worse, but as simply different from others. – Albert Pellissier