Who’s flying that airplane?

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“The pilot of a new jet plane was winging over the Catskills and pointed out a pleasant valley to his second in command. “See that spot?” he demanded. “When I was a barefoot kid, I used to sit in a flat-bottomed rowboat down there, fishing. Every time a plane flew by I would look up and dream I was piloting it. Now I look down and dream I am fishing.”

The Past is Your Diary

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“The pessimist resembles a man who observes with fear and sadness that his wall calendar, from which he daily tears a sheet, grows thinner with each passing day. On the other hand, the person who attacks the problems of life actively is like a man who removes each successive leaf from his calendar and files it neatly and carefully away with its predecessors, after first having jotted down a few diary notes on the back. He can reflect with pride and joy on all the richness set down in these notes, on all the life he has already lived to the fullest. What will it matter to him if he notices that he is growing old? Has he any reason to envy the young people whom he sees, or wax nostalgic over his own lost youth? What reasons has he … Read More »

To Be Happy Is Easy

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If we only wanted to be happy, it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, and that is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are.

Charles de Montesquieu

Bless What You Want

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Everyone at times feels resentment and envy, but these feelings will keep you from getting what you want. This is Huna wisdom passed down from Hawaiian elders: Bless that which you want. If you see a person with a beautiful home, bless that person and that home. If you see a person with a beautiful car, bless that person and the car. If you see a person with a loving family, bless that person and that family. In this way you will turn envy into admiration and the things you admire will become yours.