Don’t Compromise!

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“The human spirit will not invest itself in a compromise” – this is why you cannot disconnect yourself from what you truly want to create. – Robert Fritz from “The path of least resistance”

Move with your Impulses

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“Imagination is the power of creation, yet we have often used it against ourselves. Worry is simply vision used destructively; we manufacture what we do not want instead of what we do. We are all geniuses; the only difference between famous creators and struggling artists is that the creators believe in their visions and have the faith to move with their impulses.” – Alan Cohen from “I had it all the time”

Start Your Engines! (Creativity)

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“Mental certitude and visualization, backed by faith, is the engine of creation.” – Warren Felt Evans


Mind before Matter. Manifesting, Creation, Realization

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“You have to have it in your mind before you can have it in your life.” – Albert

Expand to Live – expression, success, motivation, joy, creativity, essence

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Life is Expanding. Look at nature and you’ll see that living things continue to grow and expand. Anything not expanding is dying. In that same way we must be expanding the expression of ourselves in the world to really live. Through your creativity, service, influence, personal growth, and learning you expand your essence, and when you offer that back out as an expression of yourself, you are embodying the universal life force. – Albert