Image Conscious

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“Your Self-Image “makes you act like you.” It keeps you within your comfort zone. If you are below your zone, Self-Image makes you uncomfortable and turns up your power until you are within the zone. Likewise, if you are above your zone, the Self-Image will cut your power, dropping you back within your zone. As long as you “act like you,” the Self-Image is content and does not interfere. To change your performance, you must change your Self-Image and elevate your comfort zone.

Controlling that change in your Self-Image may be the most important skill you will ever learn. You can change any … Read More »

Be Free

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“Your human spirit longs to be free, to live fully, enjoy, and express itself. We imagine that we are bound by circumstances, lack of money, and resources, but this is an illusion. The binds that hold us down are all mental; fears, doubt, and a tragic miscalculation of what brings pleasure and pain in the long run vs. the short run. The good news is that all of these limitations can be overcome by mastering your own mind, which doesn’t cost a thing save a bit of focused effort. Let’s make this effort together in 2015 and experience the freedom of really living instead of letting it drip away in the lap of comfort. Happy New Year!” Albert Pellissier

Drop the Ball! – Mistakes, Challenges

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“The hardest thing to learn is not ‘how to juggle,’ but how to let the balls drop.”“When I say, ‘Make mistakes, please,’ what I really want is for you to do something risky or challenging, something out of your comfort zone, where mistakes are possible (and likely), and to proceed boldly.”—ANTHONY FROST, Improvisation in Drama and – Patricia Ryan Madson, Improv Wisdom

You Call That A Life?

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I must admit I’m still a little shaken up since coming across this question the other day:

“It’s already a month into the new year. Are you doing anything different in 2013 than you did in 2012? Many people live the same year over and over again 80 times and call it a life.” – Robin Sharma

Push Yourself

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“He who has always spared himself much will in the end become sickly of so much consideration. Praised be what hardens!” – Nietzsche

Essentially if you choose to live a life of ease and comfort you won’t be satisfied with the results. He suggests to push yourself and look upon the hardship and struggle as a blessing for it will help you to forge yourself into the person you should and can be.