Shield Your Eyes, It’s Getting Bright In Here

Posted on March 26th, by Albert in Accept, Action, Authentic, Bliss, Clarity, Courage, Happiness, Joy. 2 comments

“If someone told you that your natural state is one of radiant happiness and joy, and I’m telling you now, and you don’t feel it at the moment, then what’s going on? It’s not that it’s not there, it’s just being blocked by something. But What? It’s our carefully crafted self image and it’s being meticulously managed by our own ego. The ego is a cocky little thing, a mere drop of water that thinks it’s the ocean. Don’t be mad at it for holding you back, thank it for all it’s years of service protecting you. But now inform it politely but firmly that it’s time to step aside and take a back seat, that you’re in charge and you’ve decided to become your larger authentic self. When it steps out of the way, and you release yourself from … Read More »

Are you superior or inferior?

Posted on September 16th, by Albert in Bliss, Children, Clarity, Happiness, Spirituality. No Comments

Never think of spirituality as growth. The treasure has always been there, you have just buried it under with knowledge. This is why children are blissful, they are perfect just as they are from the beginning and they know not otherwise. From the moment we are born society starts to poison us with comparison. Somebody is more beautiful than you, somebody else is healthier than you, look, look at his grades, they are better than yours. Comparison brings with it the idea of inferiority and superiority, both are illnesses. Now the person will remain miserable in comparison, and the bliss of being will become more and more impossible. The first condition of happiness is to drop all comparison to others. You are simply yourself, there exists no one like you with whom you can be compared. Realize this and suddenly … Read More »