Ordinarily Extraordinary 

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“Your ordinary self is extraordinary. Save yourself the frustration of trying to be a super version of yourself. Simply allow the unharnessed authentic version to be free. This is the highest level of attainment anyone can aspire to. It’s the realization of their inherent potential. The inherent part means it’s already all there.” – Albert Pellissier 

The Banker Won’t Dance

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“If you were going to be a dancer, life comes from that door because life thinks you must be a dancer by now. It knocks on that door, but you are not there—you are a banker. How is life expected to know that you would become a banker? Life comes to you the way your nature wanted you to be; it knows only that address—but you are never found there, you are somewhere else, hiding behind somebody else’s mask, in somebody else’s garb, under somebody else’s name. Existence goes on searching for you. It knows your name, but you have forgotten that name. It knows your address, but you have never lived at that address. You allowed the world to distract you.” – Osho from “Joy: The Happiness That Comes From Within”

Behind the Mask

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“The core of your authentic self simply waits to be discovered, unchanged, while you spend your life decorating your mask of personality in hopes enhancing your self-image.” – Albert Pellissier 

Finding Your Edge! (Authentic, Fear)

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The ego has adopted self-imposed limiting beliefs in order to protect you from any pain in life. The authentic part of you is infinitely bigger and wants to push past, be free, and break out of the confines of the ego, because being trapped inside is even worse. One rubs up against the other, it’s your edge, and you’ll always find this edge wherever you find your fears. – Albert Pellissier

Shield Your Eyes, It’s Getting Bright In Here

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“If someone told you that your natural state is one of radiant happiness and joy, and I’m telling you now, and you don’t feel it at the moment, then what’s going on? It’s not that it’s not there, it’s just being blocked by something. But What? It’s our carefully crafted self image and it’s being meticulously managed by our own ego. The ego is a cocky little thing, a mere drop of water that thinks it’s the ocean. Don’t be mad at it for holding you back, thank it for all it’s years of service protecting you. But now inform it politely but firmly that it’s time to step aside and take a back seat, that you’re in charge and you’ve decided to become your larger authentic self. When it steps out of the way, and you release yourself from … Read More »