Bitter or Sweet? Which Path Will You Choose?

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My Mother-in-law will turn 84 this week. She’s still able to live on her own in her own apartment but of course has a few issues to deal with as she gets older. As she’ll attest, “my mind is not what it used to be”! Last week a social worker popped in to give her a checkup and make sure she has the mental faculty to safely live on her own. I’m happy to say, she passed the test.

The social worker was explaining to us that one of her common procedures is to ask the elderly to assess their own life. They are simply testing the person’s cognitive skills to see if they can remember and articulate about their past. They are not concerned with the actual answer but instead if the person can do it or not.

She reported anecdotally that … Read More »

I’m Going for the Bomb, Dad!

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When my brother and I were little kids, we’d play football in my Grandma’s front yard. Dad took turns being the quarterback as we called our own plays in the intense one-on-one matchup. Grandma’s yard seemed to be as long as a real football field. It was only later after returning as an adult that I realized it was barely a patch of grass. My little brother, Mike, always called the same play, “The Bomb”. My Dad would repeatedly try to get him to mix up his plays, but he’d hear none of it. “OK Mike, what do you want to do this time?” “The bomb, Dad, let’s go for the bomb!” You might be wondering how this strategy of going for the big score every single time paid off. Not very well. Occasionally he got the one-play touchdown, but not often. It … Read More »

You know what to do!

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“If you missed the message, You didn’t want to hear it.” Beth Adams (a wise lady I do yoga with) 


“If you’re still thinking about it, you probably should have already done it” Dustin Puryear (my EO Mentor) 


Bottom line, it’s not that we don’t know what to do, we just don’t do it.

Resistance is the Enemy

The idea of “Resistance” came from a book I read while on Christmas vacation a year ago, “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. As I was reading it, I knew my life was about to change. Some things resonate so truthfully that if you ignore them you must take full responsibility for your cowardice, accept your impending failure, and say to yourself, “You just ain’t got it kid”.  Once the enemy had a name – Resistance, I had to admit that for my entire life up to that point I had always given in to it.

So what is Resistance? It takes so many forms that almost everything is resistance. It’s anything that stops us from doing what we know we should be doing with our lives, things that elevate us, the pursuit of our calling and purpose. It’s the artist that doesn’t paint, the writer that doesn’t write, … Read More »

What Will the Tribe Think?

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“When we truly understand that the tribe doesn’t give a damn, we’re free. There is no tribe, and there never was. Our lives are entirely up to us.” – Steven Pressfield from “Turning Pro”