Trivial Pursuits! We Got This!

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Have you noticed how trivial the Facebook posts from outside Louisiana seem right now? The local posts are so much more meaningful. People offering help of all kinds to each other, sharing their homes, launching rescue missions, adventuring to find and get things like baby formula to stranded grandchildren. Don’t you think the Cajun Navy guys are enjoying the excitement of being useful and heroic while getting to drive their boats all over? Yes of course the loss is tragic, and it’s going to be a big pain in the a– to clean it all up, our lives and our children’s lives are disrupted from their normal routine, everyone, even if your house is dry is feeling the ripple effect as it all unwinds, and yes, people will spend more money than they want to on all of this, However, what a … Read More »

How much Money would you have to make to be in the Top 1% on Earth?

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How much money would you have to make annually to be in the Top 1% of Income earners in the World? This would put you in an elite category earning more money than the other 99% of the people on the planet.

Don’t cheat by Googling it. Guess first then find the answer here.