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Audio Courses The best info from over 50 awesome books, 30 years as a lifestyle entrepreneur, and a lifetime of experience all boiled down and refined into threads of gold to give you the best hand-picked strategies and ideas to live the life you dream of and deserve. I’ve done the work and here is the shortcut that will save you years of time and study. Simply download these audio courses and benefit from the wisdom.

Hypnosis want a quick retooling of your subconscious mind? I’m a big believer in hypnosis and know for sure that it works amazingly well. At the age of 12 I witnessed my stubborn old codger of a grandpa quit a 3 pack-a-day smoking habit after only one session. This made a believer out of me, because smoking is all I had ever seen my grandpa do. As an adult I had a mental block in sales and a limiting belief that I couldn’t sell anything priced higher than $1,000. Desperate and remembering my Grandpa’s experience, I called a local hypnotist and like magic was able to go out and sell big ads. I made over $20K in 3 months. Later on my 5 year old son had severe eczema and needed to be moisturized with cream daily, but refused to let us care for him properly. Again out of desperation I brought him to a hypnotist. He was too young to hypnotize but the Hypnotist felt so bad just looking at him, he made a custom tape for me for free. My son and I listened to it each night before he went to sleep. Within weeks he started to carry a bottle of cream with him everywhere he went, to school, etc. Although his condition has all but disappeared, he still has a bottle of cream nearby wherever he goes, He’s now 13. There are over 800 downloads on this website for every conceivable human issue or limitation, They’re inexpensive and powerful. It’s a subconscious brain hack for quick results in any area. I always recommend doing the work consciously if you can for a deep understanding of your own growth and development, but sometimes you need to lift the hood and tinker with your subconscious to overcome the programming that’s been burned in since childhood and make a difference right now.

Philosopher’s Notes This site is like Cliffs Notes on all of the Classic Motivational and Inspirational books of all time. You get a 20 minute audio plus a 6 page pdf on each book all at a fair price. It’s an awesome resource, one of my absolute favorites. I quit listening to talk radio as all it did was frustrate me and make me angry and bitter all day and I switched to listening to these audio books instead and empowered my life, what a difference.

Insight Timer App for your smartphone to time your meditation sessions and log your routine history. It’s Free for the iPhone and Android.

I recommend many of these books in the kindle edition which are free or very inexpensive (link included). You can read these on your smartphone or computer with a Free Kindle app or if you like real books, you can buy them new or used navigating the links below. I have included free pdf downloads from this site if they are in the public domain. I have only included books that had a profound impact on me, most have been life changing. This collection represents the best wisdom that I’ve been able to find so far to help someone on the Road to Mastery. Mastery of your own Mind.

Great Books

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen (If nothing else, at least read this one!)

If you only have a short amount of time to read, do yourself a favor and at least read this short 15 page book. Written at the turn of the century, this man packed more wisdom into this small book than anything else I have ever read. It had a ring of truth to it so profound that it fostered a turning point in my life. I have shared it with all manner of people and witnessed some amazing transformations. The old style English can be a little challenging, and the content is so rich you usually have to take a break to digest it between chapters, but hang in there and complete it, you’ll be glad you did.

Click here for a Free pdf download  As A Man Thinketh

Click here for a phone friendly sized pdf download  As A Man Thinketh (phone friendly version)


The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino

This was the book that got it all going for me when things appeared bleak. I had become bored with life, everything seemed like a chore, my businesses were in serious decline, and the loss of a key tenant sent me into depression. After deciding I would wallow in this state for days I went home planning to take a 3-day nap. Hours later I started scanning my bookshelves for something uplifting to read (highly unusual for me) and here was this book, unopened from the day I purchased it at a book fair 7 years prior. It spoke to me deeply and was so profound that I changed my attitude the next day and have been on a manic spiritual journey for the last year and a half.


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This book lit a fire under me like no other ever has. The other books on this review list have infused extraordinary ideas and perspectives that I wouldn’t want to do without, but this book has tapped into a vein of motivation that I didn’t know I had, and rocketed my life on a upward trajectory that is unbelievable. (See this blogpost for the full story The brilliance of the book is in putting a name to the enemy that holds us back and keeps us from doing the things we want to and should be doing with our life. The enemy’s name is “Resistance”. This book is touted as “The best book you’ve never read”. When I run into people that are full of potential but haven’t found a way to put it into gear, I always recommend this book. If you need a kick in the ass and you’re ready to stop letting you life dribble away while you wait for it to happen, then go get this book today and start reading. I didn’t do a specific review, but if you like this one, check out two others of his books, “Turning Pro” and “Do the Work”.


The Joseph Campbell Companion

I like this guy’s approach to living, it’s the “Warrior’s Path”. It can summed up like this, “Follow your bliss. The heroic life is living the individual adventure. There is no security in the call to adventure. To refuse the call means stagnation.” I also like this, “You enter the forest at the darkest point, Where there is [already] a path, it is someone else’s path.” Many people feel like they shouldn’t or can’t succeed while there are other people suffering in the world, they feel guilty for enjoying their life and being happy. To this he says, “The warrior’s approach is to say ‘yes’ to life: ‘yea’ to it all. Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy. When we talk about settling the world’s problems, we’re barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It’s a mess, It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.” It’s a great book, and looking back over it, I have more than 40 highlighted passages of which these above are just a few. Makes me want to go back and reread it already.


It’s Not About the Money by Brent Kessel

Brent Kessel is a financial planner by day and a yogi by night. He realized that his financial clients mostly seemed miserable regardless of how much money they had, big money, 10, 20 million and more. He started applying his yogi wisdom in the attempt to help his clients and the book is the result. He has found that people fall into a combination of 8 archetypes in regard to how they view and handle money. Most of these behaviors are subconscious and were programmed into you since childhood. You can take the quiz here Financial Archetype Quiz and find out what mix of these archetypes are dominant in you. (To get your score they ask for your name and contact info, but no one ever called or solicited me) This book for me was a life changer. The ah-ha moment came when I realized that I was ultimately seeking security by thinking that a big enough pile of money could protect me from every imagined peril. The truth was that I was never able to enjoy money, or think that I had enough. I know now that no matter how much I ever amassed, it wouldn’t have given me the feeling I was looking for. I took Brent’s advice, he gives a prescription for each of the archetypes, followed his recommendations and WOW. Since then I have felt more affluent than ever, I don’t worry about money practically at all. I always have more than enough. I’m finally liberated from this lifelong trap. In this money culture, I’d say this book would be a help to every single person in some profound way.


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book was a gift from my young brother Andy and what a gift it was. I read it in one day on the way home from Atlanta and I swear it removed 75% of the burden of life from me. My wife Lisa had the same reaction to it, it was completely liberating for both of us. The 2nd agreement: Don’t take anything personally is worth reading the book for alone. This quote from the book, “Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.” has brought extraordinary benefit and perspective to so many instances of my life that I can’t thank my brother enough for sharing it with me.


Money & The Law of Attraction by Jerry & Esther Hicks

OK, Wow, this one was a doozy. I’ve read several books on the “law of attraction” but these people have a very interesting twist on it that shows most people are using it slightly wrong. Some of the main points are that we all have a built in Emotional Guidance System, and if you are experiencing negative emotions, it’s a signal that you are off course and have cut yourself off from “source” (which is code for God or whatever you call your higher power). They have a powerful technique of ridding yourself of thoughts that will only bring to you things that you Do Not want. It’s called pivoting and essentially, you stop and think of the opposite of your present negative thought, and replace it with it’s opposite. One of the other highlights is the idea of “Changing Your Story”. They make you aware of how much we tend to tell the story of how our lives have been instead of how we want it to be. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then of course telling a sad story of how it has been will only keep you in that bad spot. I must warn you that this couple is out there and you may have to suspend disbelief when you find out where they claim this info has come from. If it’s too farfetched for you, just overlook that part because the wisdom in this book is truly worth the read. ps I also suggest getting a copy with the CD in it. Esther Hicks is a great speaker and I love her style of getting the point across. It’s just a recording of one of their seminars.


The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

This book was a great exercise in exploring your “shadow self”. A Jungian idea that we all have parts of ourselves that we don’t accept and don’t want others to see. We go through great efforts of keep this shadow self hidden, but it comes at a great price. For one, we always feel deep down that we are a fraud, that if others knew the real us they would realize that we are simply putting up a facade. Debbie’s message was that these darker parts of ourselves serve us in some way that is beneficial, and that we will be able to be more authentic successful people if we learn to accept this hidden side. I found it liberating. I realized that my ego was just a social mask that I presented to the world and put a lot of effort into protecting and projecting it. I started to loosen up after reading this and not care so much what people thought of me. I became bolder, more authentic, and willing to share personal things with people when I thought it might help them, and to use what I previously would have found as humiliating stories in speeches to make strong relatable points and uplifting messages. Debbie proposed that we can never be truly happy until we are whole, and that we can’t be whole as long as we continue to hide our shadow selves.


The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

The first part of this book may make you wonder as it is a stretch to believe or accept what may seem like magic thinking. However if you can hang on, you really get to the meat. It’s some very practical business advice delivered from a unique perspective that rings true based on my 25 plus years as a businessman. The simple idea of being a “creator” instead of a “competitor” has changed the entire way I approach my own business and reduced anxiety of perceived threats to it.

Click Here for a Free pdf download Science of Getting Rich

Get the Kindle edition for 99¢


Acres of Diamonds Speech by Russell Conwell

This speech was given over 5,000 times in the early 1900’s by Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University. It’s a speech that shows you can be extremely successful from the point where you stand right now. It’s a must read.

Click Here to Link to Speech – Acres of Diamonds



Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Profound is an understatement for this book. Frankl was a psychologist by trade when he was interned in a Nazi concentration camp during World World II. This book is his personal account of what he had to endure and an in-depth analysis about how human beings survive and mentally cope with the harshest, inhumane, and unimaginable circumstances. This book is a gift to mankind and for me personally illustrated the critical and important perspective that we all must “Choose” the meaning of our lives. We get to decide what we are going to make it about. This is so important because most people are waiting for the answer to come to them and it never will. This book allows you to get on with it and make the decision what the rest of your life is going to be about.


The Works of James Allen

After discovering James Allen, I couldn’t get enough. Most of his writings can be found free on the internet in various places as they are all in the public domain. Here is a collection on Amazon for 99¢ that has many of his great works all in one volume. I owe my meditation practice to the encouragement of his writings and this practice has transformed my life, disposition, and overall attitude and enjoyment of being alive. This volume includes: Above Life’s Turmoil, Eight Pillars of Prosperity, and The Way of Peace, along with As a Man Thinketh and more.


The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

I’m happily married to my wife of 27 years, Lisa. It turns out I had no idea what her primary love language was or that there was such a thing until reading this book. For her, it was “acts of service” and a few months earlier I told her “I don’t want to be your handyman” for her new antiques business. I realized to her I was saying, “I don’t want to love you anymore.” She didn’t throw a fit when I said it or consciously realize it any more than I did, but what a missed opportunity that would have been had I not read the book. I now relish the task of being her handyman, and let me tell you the pay has been astonishing. If this was required reading for every couple, the divorce rate would tank, and amount of needless suffering and confusion in the relationships of the world would be drastically reduced.


Keys to the Kingdom by Alison Armstrong

This book was written for women, and the parable style writing is somewhat painful to slog through. However, the concept that men live their lives in stages was hugely insightful. It brought so much clarity and understanding of my own path and some of the difficult transitions I’d experienced and didn’t realize. Both women and men would benefit from understanding this basic but profound wisdom about the common pattern all men seem to follow as they age.


Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson

Applicable Principals of life derived from a career of teaching improv. “Just show up” was the essential theme. I found after reading this book I worried less about perfection, mistakes, and trying to project an image. I became more willing to surrender and trust, and live in the moment. That’s where all the best stuff happens anyway.


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

A treasure trove of digestible one and two-page chapters of wisdom extracted from T. Harv’s life experience. I find myself thinking and repeating some of these nuggets many years after having read the book.


Our Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is a basic book to help you rid yourself of self-saboutage and bad habits. I love Wayne Dyer and all of his books are fantastic. If you are just starting to become interested in taking charge of your life, this is a good place to start. If you’d like to be free of guilt, quit worrying, liberate yourself from your past, become more loving, accept yourself with no complaints, never blame again, have high energy, never fear failure, love yourself, be happy and be motivated by a desire to grow, then give it a read.


Maîtrise de soi-même par l’autosuggestion consciente. by Emile Coué – English [Kindle Edition]

The American version is called “Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion” but for some reason it costs more than the French title which is a free kindle download and completely in English. This book blew my mind and shows that you can literally reprogram yourself with simple suggestions and affirmations. The subconscious mind is an incredible healing force, runs your life, and limits what you will be able to accomplish even against the wishes of your own willpower. I have used the daily affirmations in this book to ally my unconscious mind with my desires and also to realize this powerful technique of being able to reprogram myself and undo many of the unhelpful things that were implanted during childhood and while growing up.


The Shift by Wayne Dyer

If you are craving more Wayne Dyer, this was another excellent book and made me eager to make “the shift” from ambition to meaning. There is a movie of the same name as well at The Shift Movie for $1.99 you can stream it. I became skeptical that living my life for the sole purpose of making a bigger pile of money was a worthwhile endeavor, and this book confirmed my suspicions.


The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

This was a very provocative book. I can’t say that I’ve ever read anything like it, and I really wonder what a woman would think about this. He pointed out some profound insights for men that I must say rang true but wouldn’t have ever really put together on my own. Some of his blunt comments about women made be bust out with laughter and share excerpts with my friends.  He had great practical advice on how to deal with your woman, her moods, and your responsibility to her. There is a little bit of sex advice thrown in as well, and it is all good stuff and perspectives that most men rarely think about. I cautiously recommended it to a friend to see what his take on it would be and he seems to like it as well. In summary, it’s a book about spiritual advancement for a man and his relationships. The subtitle says it all,  “A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire”


Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan

This book came as a gift from my brother Andy, a Buddhist teacher.  It resulted from a course that an employee at Google, Chade-Meng Tan, developed to teach these concepts to co-workers. The course produced amazing results and people realized profound transformations so the book was written to share these ideas with the world. Andy now teaches this course at the Coca-Cola Corporate Offices in Atlanta and is experiencing similar results. It’s a good introduction to mindfulness meditation and also includes combining it with the concept of developing your emotional intelligence. I like the variety of meditation exercises throughout the book. I intersperse some of them in my practice to break up the monotony of meditating the same way every day. Some are really powerful and expand your ideas of looking at things and help you develop specific awareness skills. Think of it as a how-to manual that’s also filled with quantifiable proof of the benefits of meditation.


The Dip by Seth Godin

Ok, so in America, we are taught to “never quit”, “try, try, and try again”. Seth Godin says, sometimes you’ve gotten everything out of a certain endeavor or activity in your life, and it no longer serves you. In this case, it’s actually productive to quit, to shed this layer like an onion, and to go on to the next phase of your life. So from me and Seth, “It’s OK to quit” sometimes. I like the idea of Commitment is either 100% or none, and 99% is the same as none. It’s a great exercise to go through all of the things you are involved in and decide if you are half-hearted or less about them. Decide if you are willing to commit, 100%, and if you’re not, maybe it’s time to give it up. Giving up things you are not committed to will free up time, energy and resources that you can apply to a new area or direction in your life. In this case, quitting can be a good thing.


Dare to Be 100 by Dr. Walter M. Bortz II

Before reading this book, I figured I’d be old at 70 and if I lived past 80 that would be a bonus but probably one that I’d live in deteriorating health. Dr. Bortz gave me a whole new way to look at aging by daring me to go to 100 years old. His point was that most physical deterioration is not because of age so much as because of disuse of the body as people convince themselves that they are getting old and shouldn’t do as much physically as they used to. Dr. Bortz’s research shows that we can easily live to 100 and if we push ourselves slightly, the human body responds accordingly and rises to the occasion, even building muscle in old age. His argument inspired me to take up the low impact but body strengthening practice of Yoga. I’m going to be one spry bad ass 100-year-old guy now. The ages of 70 and 80 now seem more like middle age, I’m just a baby getting started with plenty of time to do the things I want to do with my life and newfound longer perspective.